Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Fall swap

I joined in on the Fall Swap hosted by Four fantastic women and the swap was awesome!!!

I was paired with Renee from Married and Hungry and I loved everything she sent me!!! What an awesome swapper she is!! This was her first swap and she chose everything I would have chosen for myself. In fact, if you check oput her blog you will see we sent each other a lot of the same things! HA - Great minds, etc....

 He was the awesome package I saw waiting outside my door!!!!

Here is a "loot" shot!!!

This adorable candy dish!!! Love love love!!!!

And also some amazing crock pot sauce! I cannot wait to try this!!!! 

I got these from another swap and they are amazing!!!!!! Work perfectly in my scentsy!!!

I actually baked these already!!!!!!! So delish and my work peeps thank her also as they enjoyed the treat too!

And last but not least, this awesome scarecrow that looks adorable on my picture table!

Thanks so much Renee!!! I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I enjoyed mine!!! You are an awesome swapper and I wish you all the happiest of Fall's!!!!!!!

Happy Fall yinz!!!!!!


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