Monday, June 16, 2014


I attended my first Zumbathon on Friday! It was sooooo fun! It was a fundraiser to get money for a family that is fighting cancer in my area. Two hours of Zumba for ten dollars....I'm in!

These girls were just half of the AMAZING instructors that were present to give us a fun and intense per-weekend workout!!! They are also a few of my favorites :-)

So this is the got larger and smaller as people took little breaks to walk around the room and participate in the Chinese auction. I am the one in the large white shirt in the front row! HA!

And another action shot!!!

And when it was all said and done...I even WON a gift basket at the auction! There were 90 different baskets and they were ALL amazing! I was so excited to win!!!

On my way home, I defeated the whole purpose and stopped at my new FAVORITE pizza place!!!! AMAZING!! I can't explain why it is sooo awesome but it is just as amazing as people say it is!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM!

Have a great week everyone!

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