Friday, June 20, 2014

5 on Friday

Hi ya'll!!
I am sooo happy that it is time for Five on Friday!

I love this link up and ready about everyone elses favorite fives of the week and it also means, obviously, that it is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

Here is what I am loving this week!!!

I became a Jamberry Consultant!!!
 I LOVE these nail covers!! There are over 350 designs to choose from!! They cost wayyyyy less than a manicure and there is no drying time!! You can do all your nails or just a few to make them pop!!!
Here are mine today... they are the white chevron can wear them alone or on top of polish like I did here! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

They last at least 2 weeks!!! Soooooo much better than a manicure and you do not have to file your nail beds so they are better for your nails than Shellac!

This is only four of the 350 designs available!

Check them out HERE!!! If you order from me online, they will be shipped right to your door!! AWESOME!

I started Xtrac laser treatments this week for my psoriasis. I am hoping and praying it helps them heal more. My Humara quit working and I am starting to look like a freak!! :-(  Oh, yea, just in time for summer and showing skin! ICK!

I started and new team checkin at work with my new group.  We all hold up the mask that reflects how we are feeling that day! HA - Love this!! It has really gotten us talking and laughing together.  It gets us all together for five minutes and if someone is angry or sad we all ask what we can do to help and them follow through! LOVING IT!!

I have added new sand to my sandbox at work and now I can actually make castles!!! If you have not seen this yet, check it out HERE or HERE!!! It is like playing with wet sand only NOT!  It is soooo fun and feels sooo neat - I am obsesed!!! Your kids will love it!

Unfortunately I am also obsessed with these! I work out each night like crazy every night and then come to work and snack on these all day! Oh well, gotta live right?!?!?!

Cant wait to read thorugh everyone elses answers and favorites!!!! Happy weekend yinz!!!


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