Thursday, June 19, 2014



This is the reason that I signed up for Birchbox! This month it is finally a good one again! I was so ready to cancel my sub and they reeled me back in with this months goody box! Here it is...

Here is the stash!!!

Some Love Conditioner and Shampoo (not pictured here) - this is amazing!!! I have already gotten two uses from this tester and I think I am actually going to buy this product - LOVE it!

Some hair milk - I have not tried this yet...

Some Vitamin C face cream...Very smooth and feels wonderful!

And finally, some lip lube. Not a fan of this color so I will probably give this away but I like the product itself!

I LOVE this product!! I have used this twice and it makes your skin feel sooo smooth!! Amazing - may even buy this!!!

 Thank you Birchbox for redeeming yourself this month!~ I love my subscription boxes, it is like a little gift to myself each month, I woudl hate to cancel my little suprise. 

Lately, though, the product testers have been too small to even try the product.  I am hoping this is a trend to larger samples.

If you have not checked Birchbox out, you can do so here...

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