Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday - Blackbelt Training

Well, I am down to the last few days I have left to enjoy this beautiful city of Tempe, AZ!!

I love it here but I am definitely ready to relieve my house/cat sitter and get back home to see my babies!!!!

Here is Wednesday's adventures....we rented our bikes...this was my little is an off road one speed as it was the last one was "old school" dirt riding!!! :-)

This is the whole group (minus Jeff C. he had to stay behind and work and me of course - I was taking the picture)...

This is the group with me included (green shirt)...Reza (our instructor took the picture)

This is a view from the top of a peak....

After riding around a few little mountains, we moved ot biking around the Tempe Town Lake...

Then the whole class went here for drinks and dinner - courtesy of Reza and SSA - YUM!!!!!

The next few are picks of the brewery part...pretty neat!!!!

Two of my classmates - Shawn from Pgh and Richard from California...

This was my dinner selection - NOT a healthy night!!!

And apparently the beer batter is made with this kind of beer (Kilt Lifter)...

Looks yummy hugh?!?!??!?!??!?

This is a class picture...all of us plus one classmates wife....left to right (Karen and Michael, Jeff T., Me, Dan, Shawn standing, Richard, Jeff C and finally Reza)


I am actually gonna miss these people!!!! Whata fun group of people!!!


  1. OOOo did you get a belly ache after eating that? When ever I'm dieting and then eat something like that I get sick fast.

  2. Fun! I love fish and chips, and am dying for some after seeing yours!


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