Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Busy Like a Bee


I have been soooo super busy it is crazy!!!

I have been reading your blogs nightly but then decide I am too tired to post! :-(

So - here it is - my busy catch up post!

Angelica is doing great! Her incision is healed and I got a pair of disposable pet surgical staple removers from Amazon and the staples are out and she is doing awesome!!!! YEAH!!! (not to jinx it!)

Work is super crazy and super busy with re-orgs and layoffs (so far I have escaped - again, YEAH!) I go to work and then stop at gym and tanning on the way home and then read blogs and facebook and sleep!!! Fun life, hugh!!!

Well, here are a few photos from throughout the past busy weeks.....

Madelyn's birthday party - she turned 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minnie and Mickey Mouse helped us celebrate! My sis-in-law made the adorable mouse ears that you see in the photos for all the kids - soooooo cute!!!!

And a shot of the birthday girls brother, Brody!! He celebrated too - he turned one!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

It's that time again!!! I have to monitor my bluebird nests at work!!! YIPPEE!!!! And, bonus, this year I have two more so even more chances for little babies and videos!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Another of my boxes in the same field...

Planted tulips and daffodils and pansies in my planters - could not wait any longer!!! We have had like ten days of 70 plus degree weather here in PA; that is unheard of in March - HA!!!!!!!

Another planter...

And another!!!!!!!

The view from my car driving up to my parents lake house in Ohio....pretty!!!!!!!!!

My niece Alibug!!!!!!! XOXO

And nephew...Ryan

And Kyliehg and Ryan riding in the play toy at the mall - no longer a quarter...these are 75 cents now!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!!

Fishing with Poppy off the dock - did not catch a single fish!

More fishing....

My workout last night...phase 1

Then phase 2...

My new favorite thing...from Trader Joe's (they come in Key Lime also) soooooooooooo yummy!!!!!!!!!!

My cute light-up daisies that now decorate my bedroom - above the headboard!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is well!!!!

Have a great Wednesday - yeah; hump day!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous kiddos! I hope you are able to stay working. Being laid off kind of sucks.


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