Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday - Day One - Fifth Week of Blackbelt Training

It has been a long time since my last post!
Thanks to all of you who have not stopped following and those that emailed to make sure I was okay - you know who you are!! Love my blogging friends!!!
Looooong and eventful blog break - also unplanned I might add.
I will slowly explain my absence, however, I have an exciting post finally!
I am back in last trip for work so here are the current pics...

This is my sweet baby boy Kidrock Sunday morning before I left...

This is my sweet baby girl Sunday morning before I left....soooo sad with her cone on - she has an injury and stitches and staples so she is not allowed to clean herself for 20 is like torture for her :-(

And another of Kidrock flipped upside down with his arm over his forehead...I love this sleeping pose...HA!

And another of my little conehead her!!!!!!!!

This is my rental car for the week!!! Woo Hoo!!!!! Aint she cute - has a little umph on the highway too!

And this is a view of the Butte from the parkling lot at my hotel....what a beautiful day - it was about 85 by noon today in Tempe.

Another view down the street...

The awesome Tempe Mission Palms Hotel van!!! This hotel is soooo amazing, the staff is awesome too!Even though this is my last work trip I definitely want to come back as a vacationer!!!

My awesome room - before I messed up the bed of course!!

And this was my first two hours in Tempe....chilling at the pool - so beautiful!!!!!! After two hours started feeling a little red.....I think it was around 88 degrees by then.

Another view from the pool!

And another!!!!

Although class has not yet started this trip is already awesome!!!

I also worked out for two hours, ran to target and picked up Oolong Tea Sea Bass at PF Changs for dinner - YUM!!!!!!!!

Also, checked in with my AWESOME cat sitter Pam and she said the babies are doing great - Angelica is still healing well and they are both just chilling.....YEAH!!!!! Thank goodness I have her to watch over things back there - LOVE PAM!!!!

Also, if G is reading this like he said he would, HI!!!!!! You should also look up my post on your sobriety date...I wrote a post about you and your anniversary.....check it out :-)


  1. Welcome back! Have a great stay & let us know if you need anything to make your stay more enjoyable!

    Alison Brooks
    Social Media Coordinator,
    Tempe Mission Palms

  2. Glad you are back! 100% jealous of the warm weather sunning!


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