Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Personalized Jewelry - including swivel bars

I would love to introduce you all to my new etsy store!!

I am making hand-stamped jewelry and it is very affordable but still high quality!

Please come check it out at
http://www.etsy.com/shop/annsterw if you are looking for high quality, personalized jewelry...I promise you will be %100 satisfied!!! Plus, you know where to find me if not! HA!

Here is an example of my "down by the sea" necklace. This comes with either the silver chain or black rope chain and you can pick any crystal you want or an initial(s) charm also.

Here is my "beach girl" necklace...this is one of my favs!!! I can do any initial you want on this or change the wording to "beach bum" or "sun worshipper", etc.

Here is my serenity wing necklace...I can stamp anything you want on this if you would prefer something other than "serenity". Also comes with either the silver or black rope chain and you could select to have initials instead of the word joy also.

Another of my favorites is this mother, grandma or aunt necklace. This is a four-sided swivel bar that I can stamp up to four names on and also included is the crystals for each childs birthstone...great gift for any mother or grandmother or aunt!

This is the license of a young kid that flew past me and flipped me out on the highway the other day....lovely!!! If you are this childs mother; you have a lot of work ahead of you.....HA! You are in my prayers!

This is a picture I got the other day of my sweet babies Kidrock and Angelica....look how they are sleeping the same way with one srm tucked under....LOVE these two!

Shout out to all you other tomboy girls out there! I am single and love learning how to do "manly" things and take care of myself. The other day I actually changed out the fluidmaster in my toilet with my dads direction on the phone (shout out to Bill!!!!) Love my daddy!!!! So here is the new part..........

Here is my starting the process of removing the old, broken part....

Taking the hose off the water supply part....

Old part out........CHECK!!!

Just a few of my tools....HA!!!

New part installed...CHECK!!!

With water......check!!! No leaks!!!!! YEAH ME!!! Saved myself like $100 dollars!-yippee!~~~

My patio with the planters...I actually just brought all these into my spare bedroom last night as we had a freeze overnight here in PA.....they are all still alive inside!!!

This sign was posted at a local mall (Galleria) and it cracked me up! Third one down is the best....who gets to say if I am annoying or not? HA!

I found this little guy swimming in the aquarium last night...I moved him into the feeder so none of the big guys can eat him...I did not know anyone was pregnant......what a cute little fishy he will be!~!~! I will keep you posted!! Hard to see? He is the little speck of orange in the top left of picture.......

A little better shot...see him/her now?

Hope everyone has an awesome week!!! Again, please check out my etsy store if you are looking for quality, personalized jewelry. at http://www.etsy.com/shop/annsterw


  1. I love your jewelry! Can I do a review/giveaway?! Fine, sad attempt to get my hands on cute stuff!!!

  2. wow the jewlery is gorgeous will have to keep you in mind for future birthdays


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