Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day Three - Tempe Class - Blackbelt Training

Hi all!!! I hope everyone is doing well, I am trying hard to keep up with blogs between all the activities and classes here in Tempe, AZ. I am so paranoid about my sweet babies that I am checking in daily with my house/cat sitter and I think she is sick of hearing from me! HA! However, she tells me that Angelica is doing great so far...I have the best sitter on the planet!!

This is the experiment we did in class today to learn about DOE or Design of Experiment....this class is awesome!! We have the greatest instructor ever in Reza - he is awesome and makes it soooooo easy to understand! This is a picture of Alka-seltzer versus generic...fun fun fun!!!

I have got to say right now that I am sooooo glad that I post to facebook!!! I posted the following two photos while I was kayaking and just realized that even though I took about fifty pictures while riding they are all gone from my phone!!!!!!!!! I have no idea what happened!!! So, the only copy I have are the two I posted to facebook...so, here they are.....

This is te rental place!! Awesome!!! Great people...great equipment - LOVE THEM!!! Only 15 dollars for an hour of kayaking (I was dying to try the Stand Up Paddle Board but was too chicken as I would have ended up spending most of my time IN the lake - HA!!!!!)

And another view from my kayak of Tempe....floating in the middle of the Tempe Town Lake....awesome experience!!

Hope everyone is well!!! I am going to run and read YOUR blogs now!!! Happy Tuesday!! :-)

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