PUMPKINS carve-a-thon

Here is how I spent my Sunday night...

Many, many pumpkins to carve~!~! I was supposed to be going out of town for business next week and wanted to have them all done - now I have been postponed until Jan 2012 for the trip so I can enjoy my already carved punpkins for TWO whole weeks!!

Here is most of them after they were gutted and the seeds removed...I roast the seeds....YUM!!!

Here is my favorite of the night...

And my second favorite...Cool Alien!!!!!!!!!

Another cutiepie...

This was the most intriquite (I know, lame!! ) I never said I was any good!! HA HA

Another with teeth!!!!!!!!

I will get a picture of how cute they all look together tonight and also a picture of all the seeds in their roasted goodness!!!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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