Only Six Inches

What a FUN night and morning here in Pittsburgh.

I left work yesterday around 3:30 PM and it had just started sleeting...round, hard, little ice balls slamming off my windshield...roads were not bad yet but I figured there was more to's Pittsburgh n @!

I got home and watched the news - the news said we would be getting 2-4 inches throughout the night and into the morning so I decided to stay home - momma didn't raise no dummy!! Mind you: we had no snow at this point...just brown grass...all snow had melted last week!

I Zumba'ed my butt off with the Wii and practiced my dangerous moves on the Dance Dance Revolution (I have progressed from basic to beginner)...definitely NOT a workout but wayyyyyyyyyy fun! Awesome way to spend a night with yourself!

Then I got up in the middle of the night (potty break from all this water I am drinking) and slammed my baby toe into the hope chest at the end of my bed......NOT PLEASANT....I was sooooo tired thought that I went back to bed - after said potty break of course!

I woke up this am with a blood trail down the hallway and into the bathroom...apparently I hit it pretty bad and was half asleep and did not notice the blood.....ick!!!!!!!! Anyway I cleaned it up and hopefully the baby toe will heal and not look more funky than it already does.....LOL!!!

This am I woke up to this......SNOW and lots of it!!!

I had to squeeze my sore baby toe into boots in order to venture out into the SIX inches of snow (I measured on my patio) that we got last night and clean it off my car to go to work....FUN FUN FUN!!!

Last week I was wearing flip flops!!! Such is Pittsburgh - but this is when I wish I lived in the Bahamas!!

HERE ARE THE PICTURES SO YOU CAN SHARE IN MY JOY!!! The windshield scraper shows you how much we got...measured 6 inches on the patio!


  1. They are about $8 for the package. If you use them right, you can get two uses! Of course I didn't since it was my first time trying them. :)

    We're FINALLY warming up around here. It's about time! I'm not meant for the cold. I'm a big weenie. :)


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