I am AGAIN participating in Friend Makin Monday with Kenz - I love me some FMM!!!!!!

It is sooo fun you should jump on over with the link above and play too!!!

Today's question is

How do you plan on celebrating Valentine's Day?

Well, for me it is already over :-(

Waliacha and I celebrated early as it is on a Monday and everyone has to work Tuesday. We went to dinner with a couple that we are friends with (shout out to Suzi and Fitz) at Olive Garden - LOVE IT!!!

Then we went to see the movie Just Go With It with Jennifer Anniston and it was hillarious!!! I love her anyway and she and Adam Sandler were sooooooooo good and sooooo funny in this movie - LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

My gift was this beautiful ring from Waliacha....
It matches these lovely pretties that he gave me for Christmas this year....

Thanks again Waliacha - he does not even read this but I just felt like I should thanks him again!!! So, although it is over early, it was awesome and fun and amazing time with friends and my darling love...tonight I will be going to my usual Monday night support meeting at Hope and back home - yippee!

Also, I am participating in the Valentines Swap with Kena and Janna....I sent my package last week so Cindy should be getting her booty today if she did not already....I am hoping to find mine when I get home from work today - I LOVE PACKAGES~~

I will post as soon as I get my healthy swap package!! YIPPEE - and thanks again to Kenz and Janna for organizing this - I love these swaps!!!!!!


  1. HI! I followed you over from Kenz'! Love the ring!! Hope you have a fabulous day today even tho you had yours earlier!
    (I will be back to read more of your blog!)

  2. Beautiful! So you two are definitely all patched up eh?

  3. Happy Valentine's Day! Hubby and I celebarated over the weekend as well.


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