Chop Chop Chop

Not sure how long my followers have been following BUT..... do you remember this post?!?!?!
Well....finally after that horrible experience of being chopped hair had all grown back and I went for a haircut last night!!!!!!!
I am sooooo glad I did...I was sooo scared and the poor hairdresser was wonderful - she listened intently as I complained and shared my horror story from last year and became (I am sure) very frightened to touch my hair let alone cut it!
Anyway - she was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
Shout out to Philip Pelusi -at Robinson Mall and Ann (my NEW and ONLY stylist)!!!!!!!!!!!
It turned out so cute!!!
She cut about an inch off the back and added layering and texturing and it is awesome and full and bouncy and DID I MENTION cute!?!?!?!
I asked for something similar to Jennifer Annsitons new cut and as she was cutting it she asked questions and finally said - I think this will look really good on your face if we tweek this, this and this - is that okay? I am soooo glad I let her do what she thought was best - I love it! Please do not rate my hair on my appearance in the photos below...I have on no makeup today - LOL!!!!

Look a little evil in this one but I thought you could see the haircut much least gives you an idea :-)

This is the state of things in my desktop I am beginning to make a sand dog is bringing me the starfish and it is not tooo sunny as you can see my sunglasses resting on the back of my longe chair.....just an update since I was at my desk taking photos!!! Ha Ha!

And on the same note - I will leave you with a picture of my NEW polish I got last night also from Philip Pelusi - San tan tonio from OPI!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT EVEN MORE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have an awesome day all!!!!!!
It's almost Friday!!!
Cheers to cute haircuts!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog - full of disaster as it is!
    I got my man to cut my hair and he did a great job, well, I think so. At least nobody has laughed..
    Gonna make me a desktop sandbox, just as soon as I can be sure it won't end up as a mess on the floor.

  2. You're hair looks nice! I'm about ready to go in and get mine trimmed up again.


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