Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hot Dang - I Actually Won...

I am sooooooo excited to report that I actually won something - I cannot remember when that last happened!! Very rare...LOL!!!

Anyway Jen at Prior Fat Girl was hosting a giveraway and I won one of the prizes and could not have been more excited!!!

I was even more excited when I came home from work and this was waiting at my door...

I have a secret crush o the UPS man as he brings me gifts of packages every time I see him!!!

In the package was this awesome tote!!!!!!!

This even awesom-er reusable lunch box :-)

These sample pain relief patches that I know for a fact willbe used ASAP after the next hard core workout!!

Yes, the Gods smiled down on me-also enclosed was this sample of Barney Butter - I have been hearing about this on blogs forever and have yet to try it...this will be breakfast on an english muffin...I hope it is half as good as people say....:-)

These cashews look awesome!!!!!!

These packets of Coach's Oats - I have breakfast for the next week I think!!!!

This Attune bar looks awesome and yummy - I am going to watch with this one - chocolate is my fav!

Also, had some Funky Monkey snacks (Banana Cinnamon - anything you can think of that would be better then this as a mid-PM snack with a little crunch?)

Coupons for discounted workouts gear online and trial memberships for Yoga, etc.... I hope I can find a place near me to redeem the Yoga one - sounds like a great diverse workout!!!!

Coupons for more yummy FREE stuff!!!!!!

And brochures loaded with awesome and valuable information!

Last, but definitely not least, this awesome water bottle!!!!!! I love it and now I can switch it off with myCamelbak for a little variety!!!! Yeah!!!

Thanks again Jen!!!!!!! I love your blog sooo much as you are always funny, inspiring, informational, healthy and your giveaways ROCK!!!!

Check her out here - it is worth your time!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again!

I will leave you with what else I saw when I got in the door from work - Angelica was trying to "get" the cardinal on the patio...LOL!!! No need to worry - no birds are EVER harmed in this encounter...they can't even see the cats through the window film....LOL!!!


  1. That's quite the haul!

    I love when the cats make weird little noises when they are hunting the birds through the windows.


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