Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Training Day

I am in a training class for the next two days for Six Sigma.

I am actually not taking the class but overseeing it.

The issue is that I am soooo sleepy and it is sooo hard to sit still for nine hours - oh well, attention must be paid...HA HA!

Here is the entryway mat at the Hotel where the conference room training is...exciting!! And here is the hallway to the room I wil remain in for the next two days for training..

Here is the parking lot...

And here is our sign on the room door...

And the hotel conference room...exciting hugh?

I am just trying sooooooo hard not to eat the is all sooooo yummy here and soooooooooo not good for you!! Egg sandwichs with butter...donuts...bagels....etc....I am drinking coffee and water after I ate my yogurt/granola/berry mixture....yummy too but not a buttery sandwich!! ha

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