Monday, January 10, 2011

Jackson's Mill Weekend and New Pet

I was at Jackson's Mill (in Weston, WVa) for the weekend for a conference with my bestest buddy Sherry and it was AMAZING! I used to go all the time and I had not attended for the past couple of years - now I remember what I was missing!
We had such a great time!
The theme was Trust God, Clean House, Help Others!
What an amazing and fun-filled weekend with old friends and new friends - soooo much fun and fellowship and SNOW - it snowed wayyy more in WVA than in PA so we left a winter wonderland to come home to brown grass with a little frost - LOL!!!

I ate in the Family style Dining Hall most of the weekend with the exception of Saturday night when a bunch of us all got together and went out to dinner at Minards in Clarksburg, WVa. It was amazing food and fun also - here are all the pics!

Dan, Laren, Eric and Dave at Minards

Sherry and Dan

The whole crew minus Tony (taking the pic)

(LtoT) Me, Sherry, Dan, Laren, Kevin, Eric, Bill, and Dave

Another whole crew minus me (taking the pic)
(LtoT) Tony, Sherry, Dan, Laren, Kevin, Eric, Bill, and Dave

Never heard this one...up with all the others like "Think, Think, Think" and "Easy Does It" - someone is trying to create a new slogan???? LOL!!!

Dan (T.O.P.) feeding Sherry...kinda scarrrrrrrry...

Magoo hiding behind Dan in the Assembly Hall

Tony and Sherry (just two of my favs!!!!!!!) in the Assembly Hall

A bunch of the gang!

Winter wonderland - sooooo pretty - from our balcony!


And another...

And another....all this snow and I did not have ANY boots!!!!

Leaning down to show the pretty decorations on our balconies...the lights came on at night...soooo pretty!

And finally.....I got a new addition to my family on Sunday....his name is Cat Treat (he is a Crowntail Male Beta) and he is sooooo cute...I am teaching him to meow as I think that will throw the cats off and they will think he is one of them!
Enjoy Monday and have a great week all!!!!!

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