Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gifts galore

Along with having the most relaxing and fun Christmas holiday surrounded by family - I scored in the gift department! HA HA - just kidding-kinda!

I love my family and nothing will ever be better than ALL of us (and I mean all sixteen of us-plus one in the oven due in March) staying under the roof for the holidays!! That included my brothers family and both sisters families and our parents!! It was such a great and amazing time - the food was awesome and the laughs were ever better!!! Sled riding/angel making/ice skating on the frozen lake (or falling) was fabulous!!!
I must be truly and deeply loved as I got the most amazing gifts this year and feel the need to are JUST SOME of the top contenders...

This is my sandbox (soooo much fun at work) from my olders sisters kids...they know me soo well!! I wanted to get this at the beach last year and was too cheep to buy it so they suprised me with it at Christmas!!!

These are my new boots - Naughty Monkey - from Mom and Dad - LOVE THESE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!

New Asics running shoes from Mom and Dad also!! Love these - total suprise and LIGHT as a feather!!! I tried them at the gym yesterday for the first time and if you look really closely you can see the blood on the heal...breaking them in...just a little pain....:-)

Little blurry picture but this is AWESOME! It has a long block with all my little sisters kids names on it and then the circle charm says we heart you and then little charms with all their birth stones - soo precious...I will wear this DAILY!!!! Absolutely amazing gift from my sister!!!!

Another fav was this necklace and earings set from pretty and lifetime warrenty from Zales for all the pronges, etc.!! YEAH! It looks like blue in the picture but they are my birth stones emeralds - soooo pretty and look antique!!

This is another favorite! This is my ceramic Starbucks mug from my precious precious friend Mariela!! Love her bunches and this mug is awesome-proceeds go to fight AIDS and raise awareness-awesome!!!! She also got me a Costco membership for 2011 - LOVE THIS GIRL!!!!!!!
Truly that is just a few of the amazing things I got - I got numerous gift cards and candles - I am sooooo surrounded by family and friends and love that I am going into 2011 realizing that I am soooooooooooooooooooo blessed with amazing people it is hard to imagine my life without any one of them!!!!!!!

Also, Merry Christmas to me!!! I got myself a new mattress and boxspring! AMAZING - mine was about 20 years old and GROSS!!! The new one is amazing and soft and high!!!!!!!! I now need to start looking into a new headboard as the old one is covered over by the mattress...LOL!!! SOOO COMFY THOUGH!!!

Thanks all - HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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