Monday, March 1, 2010

Post of everything!!!

This is a little post about everything!!!

First and formost - even after dinner last Monday at the melting Pot restaurant...I was down 2.8 lbs at weight watchers weigh in on Saturday!!!! Yeah me - I have not been serious for a while and this just shows me that I am finally on track!!! I love my new Saturday meeting gives me something to do early Saturday morning and gets me going!!!

Next - number two - I have taken a few days off from the gym. I was at the gym last week (I think Wednesday) and I had to leave boot camp class half way through as my ears started ringing really badly and I got dizzy and faint...Well, after a minute or two of not feeling like I could catch my breath - I fainted!!! How embarrasing!!!! Anyway, my mom convinced me that I am overdoing the exercise so I took a few days off...has this ever happened to anyone else - This has never happened to me before but it can really scare you!!!!!!!! If it happens again I will haed straight to the doctor!

Third thingy - I am waiting with baited breath for my sister-in-law to finally birth my niece!!! They are in Columbus and she is actually due today but we were sure it would happen last week as she has been dialted forever...anyway I can't wait to meet my new niece (I think her name is going to be Madelyn Josephine or Maddy Jo after my Grandmother). We shall see...hopefully sooner than later!!!!!!!!! They did not go for Annie Jr...oh well, there is always my child, right?!?!?!

WELL EVERYONE, HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!!!!! I am loving all your post updates!!!!


  1. Great job on the weight loss - I know that has to feel good. Especially after going to a place like the melting pot and exhibiting self control.

    Looking forward to the news about your niece. Baby news is always exciting! (o:

  2. Maybe you had low blood sugar?


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