Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Misc Post of Phone Photos

Here is a fun post!!! At least fun for me!!! Hopefully for you too!
I have a camera phone however, I do not pay extra (I am far too cheap) on my cell phone plan to send pics...so after I take a fun picture of something I wanted to capture...it sits there in my phone for a while. Sooner or later I get one on there that I have to post or until I get alot and then I download them onto disc and save.

Here are a few of my favs...

This picture is from Chester, WVa...we drive past this exit everytime we go to my parents house from PA and I always say "someday I am stopping to see this close up and get a picture" but we never do...well, finally last summer we got off the exit and did a drive by to see it - JUST as amazing as I thought it would be in person!!!! RIGHT?!?!?!

This is Waliacha after he lived in the Advanced Auto Parts Parking lot for three days trying to get his beloved Cadillac to run again...needless to say after lots and lots of money and convincing...he finally had it towed to Sears mechanics and after he got the quote to repair he scraped it and bought a new Sonata (under lease) yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I HATED that car!
This one below is the best!!! We all went on a Target shopping trip on Saturday when I was in Columbus visiting the new baby and my family. My niece Jordan wanted to get in the cart...I thought she was joking....she was not!!!
It was such a proud moment for me - you have no idea!!
I am the queen of doing stupid things for fun and she is following brilliantly in my footsteps!!! WOW - I love this child more and more everyday!!!!!!!!!!!! (PS-I am sure it was only okay because she KNEW she would not run into any friends as she was hours from home - little did she know when I took this picture I was serious about posting it on the internet)!!! LOL

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  1. There's been lots of times I've wanted to climb in the cart but my kids won't push me :(


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