Thursday, March 25, 2010

Run this past weekend

These are the pictures from my run/jog last weekend. I went both Saturday and Sunday as it was soooo beautiful out both days but these pictures are from Sunday on the Montour Trail by my house. They are with a camera phone so they may not be really clear....I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!!!
(Sorry it took me sooo long to post - I have been out fo comission/work/life for two days with this dizzy flare-up-back in comission now!)

When I started out I thought I was alone :-)

After two miles you get to this tunnel and it is soooo cool in there...even in 90 degree weather it feels sooo goood to get to this tunnel past (as you can see, this is the only place anywhere in PA that still has ice - LOL)

More ice!!!!

Still alllllllll alone...and loving it!!!!!!!!

Now the people start appearing...

This is the tunnel after I turned around and came in the other side...the tunnel is at 2 miles so I usually go another mile past it and then turn around and go back through for a total of six miles.

These were the ONLY flowers I saw allll day!!! Gooooooo dandelions!!!!!

A shot from inside the tunnel out to really give you an idea of the ice in was soooo cool - literally!

Almost done....still no alot of people anywhere!!!! But not alot of nature yet either (Hey Spring: let's get things moving please!!!)


  1. That looks like such a nice run! 6 miles though, holy cow!! In my dreams maybe! I was trying to do the C25K plan but totally fell off. Maybe some day I'll try again.

  2. That is beautiful, and those are the exact reasons why I run. Beautiful and peaceful...and a bit of cold ice~

  3. that's a fantastic trail! Pick your marathon girl. Go get 'em.

  4. I LIKE photo-journeys, whether around the block or around the world! Good one!


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