Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Monday...

Here we are at Monday again. The weekend goes sooooooo fast.
I have soooo many great pics to post but I have to download them off my camera so I guess it will be tomorrow when they are actually posted.
The weekend was awesome...spent quality time with Mom and Dad and brother and sister-in-law (water-skied, jet-skied, had a campfire). FUN FUN FUN!
I wil post pics tomorrow.
I do have a new obsession. I mentioned that I quit blogging to try facebook...well, I did not enjoy facebook like I enjoy the blogging...however, I love this application that is in facebook called FarmTown. I am obsessed,,,obsessed with planting crops andf harvesting and harvestingother peoples crops and building fenses.....I LOVE IT!!!! I will keep you posted but so far I have animals, a little house and crop and a is soooooooo addicting!
I hope everyone has a great Monday!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Also I did not enjoy FaceBook, now TWITTER is after my bu...patronage. No thanks!

    Having a GREAT Monday--singin' in the rain...

    I'll keep my enthusiasm if you keep yours. Deal? Hate negativity.


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