Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A few more pics for your enjoyment...

Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment (I hope).
The first is my patio. I love flowers and as you can see from my patio I overload it every year. This is where I get all of my serenity and peace! I love it on my patio!!!!

The next pic is of my bluebird eggs. At work we have a nature preservation program of which I am a member and we monitor bluebird boxes for new eggs and chicks. My last nest was invaded and the chicks never got to hatch so I wanted to get pictures of the process to document for you and me. There are now five eggs and as long as nothing invades the nest (cross your fingers and pray), in about 12 - 15 days I should be posting pics of the chicks....time will tell but until then here are the babies in their shells......:-)

These last two pics are of our family garden at the lake. I planted everything on Memorials Day weekend and they were just little sprouts and now they are GROWING!!! I love wathcing the garden grow....another of my pasttimes that give me peace and serenity. (With all these peace and serenity pasttimes you would thing I am peaceful hugh??) LOL :-)

The cucumbers and tomatoes...

The zucchini and melon and cauliflower(I though I bought brussel sprouts..oh well)...

Have a great Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. how awesome, i love your patio. it does take time though, have you used any miracle grow plant food, it seems to help if you don't have compost to feed the garden.


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