Friday, June 12, 2009

Im back

I am back to blogging. I was going to try my hand at Facebook for updating and keeping track of the important stuff in my life however, I have decided that this works wayyyyyyyyyyyy better.
Or maybe I am just more used to it....anyway....
I'm back!!!
A few new things to report. Walt is finally back to roofing work and also driving limos/Hummers on weekends. He seems to be wayyyyyyy happier with the driving but not so sure that it can pay his bills. Time will tell, all in all isn't it much more impt to be happy anyway as long as it covers his bills?!??! Again, time will tell and he looks really nice when he drives as he has to get all spiffed up in a suit and tie!! Woo Hoo!
This weekend I am off to the lake with Matt and Sara. We will celebrate fathers day this weekend since Dad and Mom scheduled a trip on the actual day of "fathers day". She said "it is not like it's a holiday or something" when we asked why they planned it on father day!! I told her she needs to remember that when Mothers Day comes again again! LOL

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