Insanity... amazing! What is it in "US" that makes us want sooo badly to return to our "old life"? Just when we have put our "new lives" in order...gotten family and friends back, good jobs, court hearings over, things are starting to look up and BAM!!!!!...
I am just soooo sick of this disease that causes so many amazing and talented people to settle for so much less than they deserve or less than they can be in life! My newest little pigeon decided to return to her old life over the weekend by going on a major binge and calling off both her jobs on Monday...
sadly enough...
we all know where she is going from here...
please pray for her and the others as I am doing today.
It is with a sign of LOVING GRATITUDE that I am NOT making that same choice just for today!!!


  1. Loving Gratitude say it for me. That IS the right attitude!

    As for your "new one" who is doing research for us...what is it we say? Do not try to stop their spiraling downward, because we only prevent them from reching their own true bottom.

    After all, that is the only way they'll find their way back here
    to stay.
    Steve E.

  2. This comment is on your comment over at 'steveroni's place'...

    Guess if you're gonna keep coming back, I'll have to keep on writin'.

    Thanks, and I'm here on yours, also.


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