Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Awesomest Ad EVER!!

Not sure if awesomest is a word but this ad is the awesomest!!!

I have not laughed soooo hard in I dont know how long!!

Also, here are SOME pics of the hardtack candy filled chicks I made for Easter...little ahead of schedule, I know!!! lol I found the adorable little chicks at the Dollar Store (my favorite place in the whole wide world!!)


  1. I do not notice anything strange about the "hair design" thing??? But I'm really kinda dumb when it comes to hair fixings--if ya didn't guess already?
    Steve E.

  2. Hey Ann, I wonder if that "Grooming" place got any calls from curious AA bloggers (phone number on picture...)

    Wouldn't it be funny..."Sir, who referred you to us?"

    "Well, ya see, I was on this AA recovery blog...etc. -grin

    PS Thanks for dropping by, and leaving a nice, thoughtful comment.
    Steve E.

    Where are all your peeps?


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