Thursday, March 26, 2009

Area 60 Getaway weekend

It's an exciting, service filled weekend!
This weekend is the Area 60 Getaway weekend.
It has been months and months of loooooooonnnnnnnggggg, personality-filled meetings and lots of planning but it is finallly here!
We will all be staying at the Comfort Inn in Penn Hills and it should be a blast! We have speakers and workshops and food all weekend (and dont forget the fellowship)! I think registration was up to 100 last count.
I am sharing a room with Minday and Ed - which should also be a blast. We have our beaniehats and funny glasses to wear for the weekend! WOO HOO!!!! Everyone is talking about the pool and hottub but I have heard sooooo many horror stories that I think I will just stick to the gym. We shall see......
I will fill you in on all the excitement throughout the weekend if I can.
In love, gratitude and service...Ann :-)

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  1. Sorry, I 'posted' a comment on your Tuesday blog in error--but anyway, glad you're here, and glad I'm here. So THERE! No, HERE! (sigh) Oh Well!

    Have a GREAT weekend! Do not forget, you promised to "keep us posted"! (Bet you won't even have time for that...)


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