Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where to begin...

Where to begin...
WOW!! It's been an event filled week!
Got my new car on Friday (ABOVE)...Mom and Dad drove in from Ohio and helped me car shop. I found the new car at South Hills Honda - shout out to them and CJ my salesman as he was AMAZING as a salesman!!! If you are in the market for a new car and are thinking of a Honda (I love mine already) pleassssseee call CJ at South Hills Honda - he was great and nice and noooooooooooo pressure!!! I LOVE MY NEW CIVIC!!!
Also, shout out to Jason at Safelite Glass. Having only owned my new car for 20 hours, my windshield got hit with a rock!! Unbelievable I know!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Jason from Safelite came to my office this AM and fixed it - it looks great and he was sooooooo funny and nice!!!
Also, little update on "the man". We are trying to work things out - slowly being the key. I got home from the gym last night and he had made dinner (lasagna and salad)...I REALLY hope we can work together to make this work this time...I know he is sorry and he loves me and blah blah blah but there are no guarantees. Only time will tell...the hard part for me is the moving past and not constantly reminding him what an idiot he was...oh well, time will tell. It appears that for now he is reminding himself what an idiot he was. It is truly amazing to me to read back through this blog and see what I wrote...I am sooo glad that I did not delete this blog when the crap hit the fan - it is great to see the pain/growth/life and how I dealt with it in new and HEALTHY ways!!!!!!
My oldest niece is in Barbados this week with her dad zipping throught the forest trees and getting a REAL tan. I am soooo excited for her and can't wait till she gets back with pics.
Please keep Marge and her family in your prayers - I know she is not well although I have no update as her family is requesting that everyone stay distant for now. Prayers can never hurt though!


  1. Nice car! So happy for you. There is nothing like a new ride.
    I will be praying that things work out with you and your man. Relationships are sometimes rocky. Hope all works out for you. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  2. Thank you for dropping in on my blog, wondering if, or why my usual topics of "recovery" interest you?

    Anyway, I'm an Alkie, 34 years past my last drinking episode, very active in A.A., and play a violin--a lot.

    And I enjoy life a lot--maybe too much
    and I never thought you could do that sober...but ya can!

    Jeez, your topic heading is "Where to begin..." and I guess my comment sorta fit in there somehow?

    1. Enjoy your new wheels, the Civic!
    2. Hope you and SO get along better, it is SO difficult when two who live together act like they don't even LIKE each other--I don't mean that's y'all, but I know SO many like that, a shame really.

    3. So sad about your friend Marge. We are prayer-type people, and Marge has got some more from here tonight. Thank you for asking!

    I'll be Bach (end of a joke!)
    Steve E.

  3. Hi Ann, thanks for stopping by my blog. The gym is part of your life, like me! I would have lost it a long time ago without my work outs. Although some winter mornings it is tough to get going..especially THIS winter. It has been brutal.
    Good luck with the man. You are so right, you can't control anyone else. (But he cooks, so...LOL)

  4. Liked that Lou commented, "He cooks"! I should have taken Home Ec...but they did not 'serve' that class at St Xavier 'all-boys' High School back then.

    Guess they do now -grin!...OH! I mean, uh...girls do attend there now! That's what I meant! Gotta watch out, political correctness B.S., etc.

    Thank you for answering my query--am SO happy with your response. And so, WELCOME, girl!

    Steve E.


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