Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Mind Set!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to enforce a new mind seet in my scarrrrry head!!!!!!
First of all, please pay for Marge L. - she was just a few weeks ago diagnosed with liver cancer. She is an amazing woman and I was informed that she has taken a turn for the worst and is more than likely passing away soon. Please pray that she is welcomed to the next life and her family is comforted as I cannot imagine what they are going through right now. This has all happened in a span of a few weeks - the last time I saw her she was happy and healthy! Please please keep her family in your prayers.
On a lighter note - LIFE IS PRECIOUS!! I have now wasted approx 2 months of mine wallowing about some moron who does not know a good thing when he sees it and who thinks I am just going to wait around and stop breathing until he decides what he needs in his life. I will WASTE NO MORE TIME! I am going to a singles meeting tonight....that ought to be very interesting...I am staying positive and excited about it.
Also, there are some really great new classes at the gym that I am trying so that is something new and fun too!
Again - keep Marge and her family in your prayers and I will post ANY news that happens.
Also - I am down another ten pounds total and can wear one size smaller since X-mas!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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