Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Isn't my Valentine a cutie!?!?!?

Isn't my Valentine a cutie!?!?!?

Here is a pic from Valentines Day. We met another couple that we are friends with and went to dinner at Sesame Inn which was DELICIOUS!! Also went to see the movie Gran Torino. The movie was great however I was shocked that a movie costs $10 now!! WHAT A RIPOFF! Oh well, it was a great night all in all and that movie was amazing!
I learned another lesson in patience and tolerance on Sunday at the GAW planning meeting in Penn Hills. It is amazing to me that someone in the program can take a position and turn it into a power trip...takes all kinds and just have to keep reminding myself that these people are all here to teach me things and there are probably people that learn patience from me also - although I would like to think I annoy noone!! :-)
Another great news update - I am SO excited that Boyd is being released from the hospital today - I talked with him on the phone and he sounds like a totally different person...I am SO excited to see him. Walt is picking him up for the Mitchell's Corner meeting tonight and depending on how the rest of my night goes, I may be able to be there. If not, Walt will deliver the cookies that I baked him with LOTS of love!!
I am helping my new sponsee move tonight into her new place and am sooooooooo excited for her!! Hopefully the move OUT will be peaceful and quick....I will let you know - regardless, I have BP police on speed dial!!
I hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful day - I love God/others/life!!


  1. Ann I "love" the way you end your interesting blogs! With Prayers, God, or love. How good IS life? Better than ever I expected!


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