Thursday, February 12, 2009

Okey Dokey Pokey it's Thursday!

Okey Dokey Pokey! Here we go with Thursday's post!! Things are great here.

Me and Wally are working things out and we are both soooo much more appreciative of each other. We are actually cherishing the time we spend together - this is so wonderful! Obviously we still have a lot of work to do on "US" however....we have eaten dinner when I get home from the gym every night this week - which is an amazing switch! I love this man!

Congrats to Jeff Fitz... who led last night at Dormont...I heard he did a phenominal job (which is why we actually ate late last night as the mtg went until 9:30PM). I cannot complain when eating late is due to helping another though right?!?!? Anyway, I ate when I got home from the gym and Walt had an Ardolino's stromboli (extra cheese and extra steak)...not my kind of dinner but he moaned through his WHOLE dinner!!!! He loved it!!

Also, on a really positive note, Boyd a friend of ours is doing really well and should be released from the VA hospital in Aspinwal on Friday - yeah!!!! It was pretty touchy there for a awhile and Walt and I talked with him a few nights ago and he sounds and feels really good!!! Yeah - God is good!!!


  1. Just to know what you are doing, how your day is going--THAT makes a good blog. Sometimes people (me) think they have to wax brilliamt re A.A. program, or god, etc. (Pride?)

    I hear folks say, "I have no idea what to blog". Well, blog your day, how you feel--it is GOOD. Thanks, Ann!

  2. God IS good. Thanks for the reminder!


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