Neighborhood Hike

 My family was in town a few weekends ago. Anytime I get to spend with them is a awesome time. There are no other people I would rather spend time with than my family!  We decided to spend Saturday doing something healthy so we went out to walk around my neighborhood and ended up finding a "secret" path and hiking in the woods around my condo.It was an adventure and I now have a shortcut to the park! This is my sister coming down the hill into the revine...
 Here they are going down the hill into the giant valley… 

And here are my sister and niece coming up the hill out of the giant valley. I never knew you could walk through here - this is awesome! I would have never investigated where this path went had they not been with me... 

Leave it to my family to be adventurous and find the secret shortcut!! Such a fun family walk!

Hope everyone has an adventurous day!!!          


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