4 out of 6 Not Bad

As many of you already know, I assist my complany by participating in the Wildlife Sustainability Team. I have posted many times on this. We have bluebird boxes that we montior and then report the number of birds raised every year from those boxes and the species.

Well, here are the newest additions as of 6/25/14...

Out of my six boxes, I have babies in one (house wrens) and eggs in three others (bluebird in two and tree swallow in the other). I have already fledged 10 baby bluebirds this year from my boxes as well!!

Here are my newest kids...

Here are the baby house wrens...can't wait to see these guys all cute and furry!! This is like day one after hatching...

Here is thetree swallow nest...

Bluebird eggs...soo pretty

Very light bluebird eggs.....maybe one hatching where it is cracked?
This is such a great break for me at work. I love getting out of the building at lunch and walking around and checking on these adorable birds. If your company offers this you should check it out! I promise you would love it! It is rewarding plus a get stress reliever at work!!!! I love getting away from the chaos and stress at work and walking in nature.

Hope you all have an awesome Thursday!!!!!


  1. I miss getting out to go in the field at work. Now I'm just stuck in cube land.


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