Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Truly Random Post

Happy Wednesday everyone~~~

Work and life are so crazy busy that I have not had time to post anything! I feel terrible about that and I am going to commit to getting back on track with posts! PROMISE!

This is a truly random post that will catch you up...this weekend at my parents home there will be a pontoon parade. If you live there, you can enter your boat in the parade. You have to select a theme and then decorate the boat and people to reflect that theme! I am soooo excited! We are going with Luau!! We are called the Waikiki Wolfe's and picked below is just a small fraction of the decor we got for this shindig!!! We will decorate the boat with all this Luau stuff and lights and when it is dark the parade starts and jusdging is done at the end! I cannot wait to post pics and the decision that we won (of course we will win - ha) NOT!

 This is my new favorite meal! I eat this all summer long! Fresh basil from my garden and cut up tomatos and little balls of fresh mozzerrella!! YUMMO!!!! Some salt and no oil! So healthy!

 This is my newest nail design!! I used jamberry nail wraps on two and then polish on the other three! I absolutely love these things - they are so easy and no worries for dry time, etc.
I love them so much I decided I need to sell them!!! 
Finally, a product I can stand behind!! YEA~

Check out my site here!!! Over 350 different designs!!!!! Great for kids because you dont have to worry about smudges and kids that do not sit still long enough for their nails to dry!!!

Here is my sisters newest design! She tried them and loved them too! YEA!!!

Check out my store here! I know you will find something you love!!! They are also buy three get one free right now too!!!


There are french tips, solids, glitter, ombre, designs, stripes, polka dots and jamberry juniors (the nail wraps sizes and designs are made for kids 8 and under)

One of my favorites is the collegiate designs...there are sooo many schools available!!

Let me know if you have ANY questions or if you would be interested in earning free proudcts by hosting your own facebook party - I do all the work!!!

 Happy Hump Day YINZ and SHOP AWAY!

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