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Personalized Jewelry - including swivel bars

I would love to introduce you all to my new etsy store!!

I am making hand-stamped jewelry and it is very affordable but still high quality!

Please come check it out at if you are looking for high quality, personalized jewelry...I promise you will be %100 satisfied!!! Plus, you know where to find me if not! HA!

Here is an example of my "down by the sea" necklace. This comes with either the silver chain or black rope chain and you can pick any crystal you want or an initial(s) charm also.

Here is my "beach girl" necklace...this is one of my favs!!! I can do any initial you want on this or change the wording to "beach bum" or "sun worshipper", etc.

Here is my serenity wing necklace...I can stamp anything you want on this if you would prefer something other than "serenity". Also comes with either the silver or black rope chain and you could select to have initials instead of the word joy also.

Another of my favo…

Hand-Stamped Metal Jewelry

I started an etsy store...

I am making hand-stamped metal jewelry..

Please check it out...

I can make you anything you want...customized...personalized...

Busy Like a Bee


I have been soooo super busy it is crazy!!!

I have been reading your blogs nightly but then decide I am too tired to post! :-(

So - here it is - my busy catch up post!

Angelica is doing great! Her incision is healed and I got a pair of disposable pet surgical staple removers from Amazon and the staples are out and she is doing awesome!!!! YEAH!!! (not to jinx it!)

Work is super crazy and super busy with re-orgs and layoffs (so far I have escaped - again, YEAH!) I go to work and then stop at gym and tanning on the way home and then read blogs and facebook and sleep!!! Fun life, hugh!!!

Well, here are a few photos from throughout the past busy weeks.....

Madelyn's birthday party - she turned 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minnie and Mickey Mouse helped us celebrate! My sis-in-law made the adorable mouse ears that you see in the photos for all the kids - soooooo cute!!!!

And a shot of the birthday girls brother, Brody!! He celebrated too - he turned one!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

It's that time ag…

Wednesday - Blackbelt Training

Well, I am down to the last few days I have left to enjoy this beautiful city of Tempe, AZ!!

I love it here but I am definitely ready to relieve my house/cat sitter and get back home to see my babies!!!!

Here is Wednesday's adventures....we rented our bikes...this was my little is an off road one speed as it was the last one was "old school" dirt riding!!! :-)

This is the whole group (minus Jeff C. he had to stay behind and work and me of course - I was taking the picture)...

This is the group with me included (green shirt)...Reza (our instructor took the picture)

This is a view from the top of a peak....

After riding around a few little mountains, we moved ot biking around the Tempe Town Lake...

Then the whole class went here for drinks and dinner - courtesy of Reza and SSA - YUM!!!!!

The next few are picks of the brewery part...pretty neat!!!!

Two of my classmates - Shawn from Pgh and Richard from California...

This was my dinner selection - NOT a healthy nig…