Stepping It Up Report and Misc.

I am participating in the Stepping It Up Challenge with Jen at Prior Fat Girl.

I wanted to post an update as to where I am soooo far to keep myself accountable and on track.

Also have a few misc and fun pics below.

Here is the chart with my progress milage (SPINNING) filled you can see below I am taking today off - my mommy is coming into town and we are going to shop and have dinner so working out is out...I need a day rest anyway! :-) XOXO Love you mommy! Also, on Monday I did two spin classes _ one in the AM and one after work so that is two classes milage...

Here is my actual numbers after class last these digital ones - they are awesome...

My new dresser arrived....I caved and decided to get the one that matched the bed and other plain 5 drawer dresser that I posted about it is - I AM IN LOVE!!!! I can't stand having to leave my bedroom!!! I actually pet this dresser each time I go to bed - LOL!!!

Here is a zoomed out shot - sooooo awesome! I love my bedroom...oops did I already say that?!?!?!

Here is my freddy frog...he or she is crazy. It is actually called a dwarf frog and he or she lives underwater...every now and then he or she does this.....

He (for the sake of not having to write he or she anymore - lets just say its a he-LOL ) gets stiff as a board with his arms and legs straight out and floats like this...just with the tip of his nose out of the water surface. The fish nip at him and bump him and he will not move. I actually thought he was dead the first time I saw this and got the net and scooped him out and then he finally started moving...he WAS ALMOST FLUSHED ALIVE!!! Not sure why he does this - if anyone knows clue me in please. And if you can tell from this upclose shot also let me know if Freddy is a he or she as I have NO idea! It is hillarious and gives me hours of entertainment (does not take much) - Love this little guy or girl!!
A little closer shot - HILLARIOUS!!!!


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