Rap/Hip Hop/Rock n Roll/Country Anyone?!?!

Anyone up for a little Rap, Hip Hop, Rock n Roll or Country?!?!?!

The man is sooo talented he can sing it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What an amazing concert by an amazing guy!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kidrock!!! I know there are many haters out there that say he is crass and rude and gross...he is not, seriously!!!

It sells and he is selling a persona and while everyone has the right to hate him; the personality that sells that music is just a persona...in real life he is humble, sweet and very quiet almost shy....

I met him years ago when he was fishing at a lake behind a concert venue in Pittsburgh...I will not give out details to protect the innocent but he really is a sweet and awesome guy...nothing like what people think.....he is an amazing business mind (He promoted himself from NOTHING and is a marketing genius)...anyway....I love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little sis (she is not a Kidrock fan...just nice enough to go with me so I did not have to attend alone) and I went to the concert in Columbus, Ohio on Jan 28th 2011 and it was amazing and soooo much fun!! The only pics I have are from my blackberry and they are horrible but I am attaching them anyway!

LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I, too, love KidRock! I was him for Halloween for 2 years in a row!

  2. You won a giveaway on my blog, I announced it last Monday but haven't heard from you. Can you send me your address?



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