And I bought it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooo excited!!!!
I went to Big Lots yesterday to buy microwave popcorn.

They are the only ones that sell the Caramel Apple Jolly Time that is one point in Weight Watchers!

So, once I entered I saw this!!!!

Then I fell in love and bought it!!!

The fell in love and bought it part came after about five hours of "Do I really need it?", a few drives back and forth from the store and hours later.....BOUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!

Waliacha and our good friend Joe and taking Joe's truck and picking it up today!!!

I cannot wait to see it...

I am going to work from home this PM as I cannot wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!


BTW: I justified this purchase as.....

1. It was 70% off the retail price (seriously, I saved like over $1,000 dollars)

2. I have wanted one for a REALLY long time

3. It will make soooooo much space available in out litle condo kitchen

4. I got a "little" bonus at work this year

5. I never buy myself anything (anything big and pricy that is)

6. I am good enough, smart enough and dog-gonnit I deserve it!!!

Good enough for the justification!?!?!?!? HA HA!!!!!!! :-)


  1. So exciting! I need a China cabinet badly, I just havent found one I like so my china is just sitting my 2 different closets.

  2. It is beautiful! A fabulous purchase, especially when it's on sale!

    And thank you so much for the love about my kitty. We love our pets an unhealthy amount, so we were torn apart! I'm so glad she's home!! :)


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