CH CH CH CH CH CH Changes...

I decided to make a change in my life on December 9, 1996 when I quit drinking alcohol. I have had not a drop since and life has gotten better (and healthier) every day since. When I quit drinking, a happy little side note came along with it and I lost a lot of weight the right way...cutting out sugar/alcohol, watching what I ate and lots of walking to keep busy and occupied! I went from about 294 (from a last offical doctors office weight in before my honeymoon) to about 240ish in about a year.
Me around May 1996

I decided to make another big change in my life on August 1, 2007 and stopped smoking. I added a few pounds and decided that I should try weight watchers for the first time to get rid of ALL the extra weight finally! I went from 243 to 174 from November 2007 to June 2008.

Me running the Great Race in June 2008

Then I decided I needed a break from Weight Watchers and I could do the rest of the weight on my own. Apparently that is not the case because I have definitely gained and NOT LOST since trying this wayyyyyyy in June 2008. Following ?!?!?!??! HA HA!!

I started back AGAIN at Weight Watchers on 11/28/2009...and have not gotten serious about it and now it is April 2010 (could have already lost 40 pounds) and I have been playing around and losing one then the next week gaining one...not fun anymore!!!! So basically, I have lost NOTHING!!!!!!!

So - I have written this post to RE-AFFIRM my serious attitude toward this weight loss - I will FINALLY address the rest of this weight and lose it FOR GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to those that have followed this long and I am hoping others will hold me accountable - this needs to be addressed immediately!!!! Thanks for listening!!!

It is time to get serious!!!
BTW - I have an exciting post tomorrow in honor of my 200th post - make sure you come back and check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. YOU CAN DO IT GIRL! I totally know where you are at! I having been very faithful to counting points the past month but I am back on track as of this morning.

  2. Your post must be the push I needed to get back on track...30 pounds loss would suit me just FINE!

    As everyone knows, and I know also, it is KEEOPING it off, THAT is the problem.

    Getting sober is easy...I just do not drink. But STAYING sober is quite another thing, it means No Matter What (NMW)!!!

  3. What amazing major accomplishments you have already mastered! Staying sober! Quitting smoking! (done that one and I know how hard that one is!) And, losing over 100 lbs! I'll guarantee that you can do anything that you set your mind to do!!


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