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Top Two Tuesday

I am particpating in Top Two Tuesday with Taylor for the first time.

Here they are...

1. I used to twirl with the Modernettes (led and taught by the amazing energizer bunny Ruby Daugherty) all through grade school and high school. We were grand National World Champions all the years I was a member (and they have continued this tradition for many years since. This allowed me to travel to Notre Dame every year for competition and also allowed us to perform on a Cruise Ship and many festivals and parades!!! Soooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walt (my boyfriend) makes fun of me but I have the medals to prove it - LOL!!!! This is a picture of the girls that were in it last year!

2. I am terrified of the dark! All my life I have had this issue...if I am sleeping alone in the room I HAVE to have some light on! Really bizarre but just something I have come to accept. If Walt is there or a friend or family member, no problem....LIGHTS OUT!

What Did I Expect?!?!?

Okay - let me preface this post with the saying...

What did I expect?

I went to a local haircutting teaching school to get a new haircut figuring these guys are on the cutting edge of new styles, etc. Right?!?!? Plus, admittantly I am cheap and they cut you a break as you are the guinni pig sort of.
Well, I asked for shoulder length with long layers and bangs cut in.
Needless to say, halfway through my cut the young girl cutting it says "Thank you for making me sooo comfortable! It was so important for me - you were my first ever haircut on a REAL person!"
I could have ran for the dorr then but instead sucked it up thinking - how bad could this be and hair grows back, right?!??!?!
Well, it's bad!!! She cut off ALL my exaggeration!
It was okay when she got to the shoulder length all the way around but it w downhill when she started to cut in the layers and my toip layer is literally only about 1 1/2 inches long!!! My hair used to be down my back!!!!

I will post later to…

Run this past weekend

These are the pictures from my run/jog last weekend. I went both Saturday and Sunday as it was soooo beautiful out both days but these pictures are from Sunday on the Montour Trail by my house. They are with a camera phone so they may not be really clear....I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!!!
(Sorry it took me sooo long to post - I have been out fo comission/work/life for two days with this dizzy flare-up-back in comission now!)

When I started out I thought I was alone :-)

After two miles you get to this tunnel and it is soooo cool in there...even in 90 degree weather it feels sooo goood to get to this tunnel past (as you can see, this is the only place anywhere in PA that still has ice - LOL)

More ice!!!!

Still alllllllll alone...and loving it!!!!!!!!

Now the people start appearing...

This is the tunnel after I turned around and came in the other side...the tunnel is at 2 miles so I usually go another mile past it and then turn around and go back through for a total of six miles.

These wer…

Free Pastry Day at Starbucks March 23rd

Just an FYI - I Love Love Love Starbucks
just so you all know
March 23rd
is FREE pastry day at Starbucks.
It goes until 10:30AM here in PA
With any beverage purchased you pick any pastry FREE!!!
If you love Starbucks - check it out!!!!
I saw this on my Starbucks Facebook Fan Page!!!!

Spring Planters and My Babies

Here are the photos I promised that I took yesterday of my "babies" and my new planters....sooooo excited for Spring!!!!!

This is Lucky trying to fill my shoes....LOL...she is my 16 year old!!!Love her!

A close up of Lucky...

Kidrock attacking a pineapple....

Angelica...the girl of my twin kittens....

Kidrock...the boy of my twin kittens

My rosemary planter pot on the left and Dafodills, hyacinth and tulips in the long planters...

Lemon tyme planter pot on the left and another long planter with spring flowers SOON on the right!!!

All my feeders...This year we have three hummingbird (they should be here in the next two weeks or so in PA), thistle feeder and regular seed feeder....

Happy Planting to all and Happy Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friend Makin Monday`

I am sooo excited to participate in Friend Makin Monday!!
Lord knows I need friends and I love to read all our your responses!!!
Happy Monday...
1. Favorite things about Spring: sitting on the patio and reading, Rita's opens (italian ice store), flip flops (excuse for more pedi's), Easter, and Fish Fry's for Lent!!

2. What I'm doing for Spring Break: Since I work I do not get one anymore :-(

3. Favorite Spring flower: Hyacinth - any color!

4. Do you have a garden? Absolutley! I have a patio with about twenty planters when summer is here...I live in Pa so it is a little early however it was so nice this weekend that I planted a bunch of tulips, hyacinths, rosemary and lemon thyme already!! I also put out my hummingbird feeders - gotta be ready for the little guys, right?!?!?

5. If so, what do you grow. Anything and everything...pots of herbs and flowers galore!!!

6. Do you do Spring cleaning? Usually I will run the carpet deep cleaner and move all the furniture and clean under…

Ewwwwwww - Off Kilter Kind of Day!!

I am having on of those days that I dread!
I woke up in a panic as the alarm did not go off this morning.
I was scheduled for a 7 - 9AM meeting at work and Waliacha had to find out where he was working today at 7AM...
Alarm was set for 6:00AM and apparently it decided we should keep sleeping.
First thing I see this AM is Waliacha leaning over me saying "It's 8 o clock..."
I was in a panic and he was in a panic and it has been downhill from there.
This was day 2 of his new side job and after the "alarm incident" he no longer has to report to this side job. I can't believe that they let someone go for missing the alarm one day but I am sure this guy has his reasons for not giving out second chances. I just feel soooooo awful as it really is not his fault! Years ago this was a common thing for me (and probably Waliacha) however, this NEVER happens anymore (except today). I am a responsible member of society and a responsible employee but sometimes crap happens, righ…

Misc Post of Phone Photos

Here is a fun post!!! At least fun for me!!! Hopefully for you too!
I have a camera phone however, I do not pay extra (I am far too cheap) on my cell phone plan to send after I take a fun picture of something I wanted to sits there in my phone for a while. Sooner or later I get one on there that I have to post or until I get alot and then I download them onto disc and save.

Here are a few of my favs...

This picture is from Chester, WVa...we drive past this exit everytime we go to my parents house from PA and I always say "someday I am stopping to see this close up and get a picture" but we never do...well, finally last summer we got off the exit and did a drive by to see it - JUST as amazing as I thought it would be in person!!!! RIGHT?!?!?!

This is Waliacha after he lived in the Advanced Auto Parts Parking lot for three days trying to get his beloved Cadillac to run again...needless to say after lots and lots of money and convincing...he finally had it t…

Introducing Madelyn Josephine


My sister-in-law and brother had their little baby girl March 2, 2010 and her name is Madelyn Josephine (Maddy Jo) - How cute!?!?!?!??

You know, as a proud Aunt, I just had to pull myself away from my important duties at work...take a vacation day...and drive three hours to see this adorable little munchkin!!!!
Because she lives near my brother, we also got to see and visit with my little sister, my brother-in-law and their three kids - BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the pics with the new munchkin...

The proud Daddy (my little brother) and Madelyn...

Waliacha and Madelyn (he looks like he wants one of his own, hugh????)...
Sara (the proud Mommy) and Madelyn...

Grandma (Memaw) and Madelyn...

Me (her favorite Aunt Annie) and Madelyn...
Grandpa and Madelyn (she already has him wrapped around her finger)...

Maddy Jo's Birthday Pics!!!!!!!!

My little brother and his wife Sara welcomed their new baby girl into the world this morning!!!

8 lbs
21 inches


here she is.... Maddy Jo...........

And now with her proud father (my "little" brother)!!!!!


No pictures yet but my new niece was born this AM!!!!!!

Born to my little brother and his wife......

Little Girl...
8 oz
21 inches
Madelyn (I am not sure how they are spelling this) Josephine
Maddy Jo for short!!!!!!

Can't wait to see her!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the world newest niece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post of everything!!!

This is a little post about everything!!!

First and formost - even after dinner last Monday at the melting Pot restaurant...I was down 2.8 lbs at weight watchers weigh in on Saturday!!!! Yeah me - I have not been serious for a while and this just shows me that I am finally on track!!! I love my new Saturday meeting gives me something to do early Saturday morning and gets me going!!!

Next - number two - I have taken a few days off from the gym. I was at the gym last week (I think Wednesday) and I had to leave boot camp class half way through as my ears started ringing really badly and I got dizzy and faint...Well, after a minute or two of not feeling like I could catch my breath - I fainted!!! How embarrasing!!!! Anyway, my mom convinced me that I am overdoing the exercise so I took a few days off...has this ever happened to anyone else - This has never happened to me before but it can really scare you!!!!!!!! If it happens again I will haed straight to the doctor!

Third thingy