Second post in one day?!?!?

I decided I had to do another post today.
Here's why....
Selina posted that she is going to be a godmother today!!!! Yeah!!!
I am a godmother to the sweetest and cutest and most loving child on the earth!
She is a beautiful person already (inside and out) and she is only three (in fact-she just turned three).
She brings out light and joy whenever she is around and she comes up with the smartest and some of the funniest questions I have EVER heard!
I truly love this child with all my heart and there is nothing I would rather do than led by example for her love the love of God. I have been saved, there is NO doubt to anyone that knows me that I have been saved! And I will spend the rest of my years trying to do the "next right thing" and set an example for countless others and my Goddaughter!
I will leave you with this picture of her...wearing her favorite outfit of the fall 2009 season...purple stretch pant(tight like a sausage), pink shirt, SNAZZY pink dress up heals and that "ever present" and radiant smile!!!! Is she amazingly adorable or what!??!??!


  1. Welcome to my blog. I saw you became a follower. I am always delighted meeting new bloggers when they comment or follow.

    This little one is adorable.


  2. What a cutie pie! LOVE those shoes! A regular Imelda Marcos, that one!!!


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