Picture Day 3

Today I think I will post another pic of food! Seems like a trend, hugh?

I worked from home in the AM and attended a memorial service for a good friends mother at 10:30 and then drove into work for the afternoon.

Nancy Ziegler Ballard went home to Jesus last week and her memorial was today at St. Louise DeMarillac.

I love that church! It is the church we attended my whole life and the church I was married in (loooooooonnnnnnnnnggggg story) and it was nice to go back today to see Kimmy, her family and her girls even though not under the best of circumstances!

Anyway, I was going to get a picture of that church for my post today and thought maybe that would not be a good idea....little scarrrrryyyy - some crazy lady in the parking lot taking pics!! LOL

So - my post will be my lunch! I stopped at our work cafeteria and got a speciality slice of pizza on my way into the office!!!!! 6 points and sooooooo worth it!! It is whole wheat crust and tomato and basil and mozzerella cheese!!! YUM!!!!!!!!

And the other pic, WOW two today - is my precious kitten Angelica (Angel) - she was hanging on my knee as I was putting my shoes on to leave this AM for the funeral so I grabbed a pic of her cute little angelic face on my way out the door!!!!!!! Soooooooo cute!

Love ya all - have a great Wednesday!!!!!!!!


  1. I'll say you have an nteresting and varied post today--but I would have taken a few shots of the church...but that's ME. I love churches, all kinds, inside and out.

    Can't help but believe that a lot of spiritual stuff happens there...


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