Crazy Baking Weekend

I forgot about my weekend baking extravagenza what I said I had nothing to blog about.
Some of you may know I was married before...very brief scary moment...about 15 years now. Wayyyyyyyyyy past it now and we were married and divorced within 9 months...quick huhg?!~?!? Anyway, the reason I mentioned that is I got alot of small applicances, etc. as gifts that I still use today.
On Saturday I was going to bake like a fiend and as I was beating the dough for my wheat choc chip cookies, the beaters clinked together on my hand mixer and the motor burnt out. Dead Mixer. Oh well I thought, it lasted 15 years!!!
Then I was stirring the batter and my spatula (also a Farberware wedding gift) snapped in half. Again, I thought, oh well it lasted 15 years.
Lastly, I went to add the brown sugar and realized it had hardened into a bunch of little hard balls so I threw it into the blender the loosen it apart and broke two blades off my blender.
Seriously, what are the chances?!?!?!
Needless to say I ended the bakathon for the day so as not to break any other small appliances and headed straight for my fav store...Kohl's!!!
I got this...

And this...

Any excuse to buy something and I AM THERE!!! So, all in all - NOT A BAD BAKING DAY!!!! LOL
Have a happy over the hump day!!!!!


  1. When you do get back to baking, mail me some. :-) You know my address.


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