Bathroom Remodel

Well, it's Monday and I think the torrential rains have finally subsided here in PA.

What a crappy week (last week) and weekend...except part of Sunday was sunny and nice.

Walliacha is back to roofing today and I will be hitting the gym tonight.

Just wanted to post pics of what I did over the weekend. I switched to more age appropriate bathroom decor. I have had the rubber duckie bathroom decor since I got my own place after college. This weekend I switched to seashells.

I love it!! I made everything myself which makes it even more awesome!!

Here are the pics and exactly what I did...all I need to do now is pick a new wall color and paint!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!

Here is the new shower curtain - bought a plain curtain with clearance curtain hangers and glue gunned ribbon and shells to hang down a different lengths...

Toilet bowl brush - kept the old brush and bought a glass jar on clearance at Michael's and added a ribbon and seashell...

New soap dish - kept the old soapbar (LOL) and bought an off-white holder on clearance at Burlington and added seashells...
Used an old white trash can I had and added ribbon and shells...
Bought this slate switchplate (I think this was the most expensive thing I bought) and added shells...
This was also on clearance with the soapdish and matches it, again, just added shells...

I miss my duckies a little bit but LOVE the new shells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And someone at Goodwill gets to give the duckies a new home - I am sure they will love the traveling!
As promised in writing, if the boys ever swim Waliacha gets to pick the decor (inside joke)...


  1. hello dear
    you are invited to read my blog

  2. My gosh, here we live in "shell-land" and it never would occur to me to decorate, using shells.

    44 years ago, my floor was a literal shell bed (broken) so now we got a new idea--from you. thanks!


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