Stencil Fun

I am LOVING my new stencils. I saw a few in Columbus that my little sister did at her house and they were soooo cute. She got them from a home party and they were "a bit costly" :-)

A few days later she called and said she found them at Kohls...I got a few different ones but have to stop now as I do not want to overdo it!! LOL

Here is the bedroom stencil...

Here is the guest bedroom stencil...

Here is the family room stencil...
Aren't they great!?!?!???!?!?!
Gooooo sis - thanks for finding these for me!


  1. If you wanted to come over and spend some time decorating my house... that would be great... how about around noon tomorrow? HA! You are talented... just because they are stencils doesn't mean that the finished product will look as fabulous as yours did!



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