Thursday, February 11, 2016

January Birchbox

Hi everyone! I apologize for being such a terrible blogger lately and missing days on end but life has gotten a good way....but, really hectic!

I needed to get this post out ASAP since my next Birchbox is on the way! I have not even posted about last months goodies and this months is around the corner.

Oh well, here we go!!! This is my Birchbox loot this month! If you do not know what Birchbox is - it is a subscription box sent to you each month.  You pay $10 and a box of makeup goodies is sent your way each month! I LOVE these more and more - it's like a little present to myself each month! If you want to join in on the fun click HERE!!

Here is the loot!!!!! Such a cute box this month! I recycle these and organize all kinds of things in them!

Each month it comes with a card explaining all your products and how much they cost on the Birchbox website for the full size product!

There was this tiny delight-lip stain! I gave this to a co-worker that is obsessed with this company. She said it was awesome!

Some Dry Shampoo - this was awesome! Perfect for after Barre class!

 Some blowout spray for your hair - I have not tried this yet...

This lotion was like BUTTER! Loved it!

 This was a big favorite! I am loving this eyeliner pen!

That is it for last month's Birchbox. I will post February as soon as it arrives in my happy little mailbox!


  1. Replies
    1. It was Denise! Really felt like putting butter on your face! So smooth and my skin felt so soft! Kinda pricey for my budget though! HA


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