Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vacation Accomplished

Happy happy Monday everyone! I am officially back from vacation! It is completely amazing how fast a week can go when you are not at work!!!

You can tell that I had an amazing time since I have not posted since day two and it is over! LOL

I am now going to hit you with a bunch of photos from the rest of my beach vacation to Stone Harbor, NJ in no particular order...

I spent many days (all day) on the beach playing with these adorable kids (my nieces and nephews). We build dribble castles, boogey-boarded, and turned into bronze Gods and Goddesses (at least I did - LOL!)

We went to National Night Out on Tuesday which is a National holiday where people go out in their towns and celebrate Law Enforcement. Stone Harbor had a great one!!! We even got to sit in the back of the cop car!!!!

This little girl was at National Night Out...what a little entrepreneur...she used her allowance to buy a balloon making kit and was making them for the kids for donations. What a great idea and she was so stinkin' cute!!! Another interesting fact...she had one blue eye and one hazel eye...she was adorable times ten!

Here is a view of the crowd that came out to support Law Enforcement!

This little one may have gotten her face painted like a butterfly that night also!

We all went out to dinner one night. We had so many people with my sisters and their kids and spouses that we had to take two large vans.  This is the backseat of our car...

Everyone just chilling out front waiting to be called for dinner when our table was ready at the Lobster House in Cape May, NJ

Just one of the many beautiful sunset pictures from the week...

And another...

My older niece and I went paddle-boarding while my younger nieces and nephew played on a big water set in the bay at Harbor Outfitters.

That's me - not stable at all! Getting the feel of the board...

This is us getting stable and used to the boards! Funny story...I felt more stable and started heading down the bay when I saw a shadow swim in front of me. It was a two feet little nurse shark. I started shacking like a maniac and could not stabilize the board. I knew it would not and could not hurt me but I was TERRIFIED!!!  I immediately headed back for shore and did not tell my niece what I saw. I told her I had a cramp and needed to quit. Once she heard what really happened, when she was on dry land, she was yelling at me for not telling her.  LOL - I just did not want her to be a chicken like me and quit.  Only paddle-boarding in the lake for me from now on - no more ocean boarding!!!

Here we are after the experience...

My nieces and nephews decided to put on a dog show for our entertainment...I know the eldest reads this blog...Hi JoJo puppy!!!

Sweetest picture of the week...cousins snuggling

And more cousins snuggling right before their Victoria's Secret jammy party...

Beautiful view all day and everyday!!

Cuties headed out to swim...what an awesome week of bogey-boarding and perfect weather...

More digging and sand castles...

We went to find shells and sand for our memory jars and ended up with this cute selfie...

And this awesome memory jar!!

And this alien rock...or so I told the kids...LOL!

Lots of visits to the Fudge kitchen!!!

It was an amazing week filled with my favorite people in the world...my family!

Can't wait for next year - see ya soon Stone Harbor!!!


  1. Well that looks like a ton of fun!

    1. Definitely was an amazing week - could not have asked for a better break from work, etc.


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