Monday, August 31, 2015

Random pics from the iPhone

This happened friday night! My sponsee Carson got 1 year sober!!!! Yea Carson!!! So completely proud of you!

I spent a few hours on Saturday melting crayons into molds to give out as favors for the Halloween Party at work! They turned out amazing!

My adorable kittens have mastered all the levels of the cat tree in remarkable speed! It is hilarious how fast they speed up and down this thing!!!  My older cat just stared in awe and amazement!

This is soooo me!!! It sums me up perfectly!!! Ha Ha - I sent it to my boyfriend! He agreed ;-)

I harvested the concord grapes at my boyfriends house...I wanted to make grape jelly but I do not thing enough survived to do that :-(  I need to read about grape growing and find out why so many are dying in the beginning of the year before they ripen....

This Saturday is my boyfriends birthday...he will be 60 and we are having a bowling party with his family. I ordered a cake and had this little gem put on a picture stinkin' cute!

 Hope you all have an amazing week!!!!!!!

Anyone ever make jelly?!??! Recipes would be appreciated! Even just to make one jar?

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