Monday, November 10, 2014

Variety Halloween Party

 Every year we decorate the cafeteria at my work and have a Halloween Party for the Variety Children's Charity. It is always an amazing time and watching the children enjoy themselves is the best part! We are not alloiwed to get pictures of the children so I cant show you any of their super amazing costumes but I can show you the decor and some co-workers.

This years theme is Under the Sea so we transformed the entire cafeteria into a giant sea adventure!

Here are the front door and entry way that I was in charge of...

And here is the photo room. Each child and their families come in here and get their pictures taken together as a memento. They love this so much!!!

These are co-workers that helped at the craft station along with myself. We made monster door hangers and monster glass art! So much fun with the kids!

And here is one off my close work friends... we decided to make our costumes together so she was the blue jellyfish and I was the pink jellyfish! This is her getting eaten by a nearby shark!!!!!!!! HA

What an amazing day! I wish I could post more pictures but we are not allowed :-(  It is so great to see these children having fun and getting to enjoy Halloween just like the other children that do not have special challenges or disabilities.

Hope yinz all had amazing Halloweens also!!!!!!!

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