Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This happened....LOL


I pulled these babies out last weekend!

I love the holidays - especially Christmas lights and trees and decorations!!

However, I feel like every year I rush past Thanksgiving decor and jump right into Christmas (it is my favorite)!

This year I promised to enjoy and celebrate Fall and Thanksgiving as much as Christmas. So Thanksgiving and Fall is in full swing INSIDE and these beauties are ready to go outside!!!

I am not a fan of putting up lights and decor in the snow and ice and rain! I decided that since it was 65 and clear last weekend it was time to put up the outside lights.  I got it all done and still have Thanksgiving INSIDE. I am promising myself not to plug these in until AFTER Thanksgiving is over!! HA!! I know I can do it...!!!!! Anyway, here it the finished product.

I am quite sure that I will have the last laugh soon! It snows here in PA early and its already getting REALLY cold so I am sure that after Thanksgiving I will see lots of people freezing to death while putting up their Christmas decor!!!

Also, this did not happen! I am holding off until after Thanksgiving for the car costume as well, I think?!?!? I passed another car the other day that already has theirs on. In fact, they had a nose on the front that lite up! Pretty awesome!

This helps me be a better driver. You can't speed past people and drive aggressively while wearing a car just can't! This keeps me in line!

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your hump day!

Have you decorated?!? If so, what holiday or season are you in now?!?! hee


  1. My fiance put up our lights already also to avoid the cold. We just won't be turning them until after Thanksgiving...maybe :)

  2. Looks really cute! So excited for Christmas this year Suki and the City

  3. LOL!

    You've changed your layout since the last time I was here!

  4. I think it's actually really smart of you to get them up but wait to light them - you're so right - everyone else will be so cold!! Hope you have a great day!

  5. I am itching to put ours up! I say plug em in!


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