Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Stride Box November - Number One!

I have said this many times on my blog but I am going to say it again...Stridebox is the best subscription box by far!!!
If you are looking to sample runners fuels, bars, gadgets, and drinks then you need to order this subscription box!
I swear it gets better each month!!
Here is what came this month.

This insert tells you about all the products included, where to purchase them and how much they cost.

Here is a shot of the loot before I dumped it all out!!!!!

Caffeine gum - what a great idea~~ in fruit and mint - can't wait to try these~~

Four tea bags - all different flavors. These were great -  I loved every flavor~this was my tea at work for a while week!! I am ordering some of this!

Does this flavor of gel not sound delicious?!?!? I need to sign up for a 10K SOON just to use this!!! YUMMO!

I loved chomps when I was marathon training~black cherry sounds delicious~~

Another shot of the tea variety...

Energy drink. This has about 150 calories so I am saving this to hydrate at Zumba on a day when I am under my calorie count...soon!

I ate this for afternoon snack at work a few days ago! It was delish! I will definitely be ordering some of these for work snacks~~

And lastly, this awesome arm band light~they send the coolest gadgets! I love this - it flashes three different ways - perfect for those evening or early morning runs~

Thanks Stridebox! You hit it OUT OF THE PARK again!!! I love these and if you want to get yours go here...

Stridebox - I promise if you are a runner it will not disappoint!

I hope yinz all have a great Tuesday!

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